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New Series “A Life of Giving” Debuts Today, Host and Reverend Richard Klingeisen Confidently Sets The Stage With His Groundbreaking Foray Into Podcasting

Rev. Richard Klingeisen is a pastor and educator at St. Mary Parish of Reedsville, Wisconsin and St. Michael Parish, of Whitelaw, Wisconsin. He is proud to announce a new podcast interview series, A Life of Giving.

National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW) is an annual week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promote vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life through prayer and education, and to renew our prayers and support for those who are considering one of these particular vocations. So it’s no accident that the long-awaited podumentary (podcast + documentary) series, A Life of Giving, is debuting this week. After all, the prevailing theme of this first episode is the vocational aspect of one man’s journey of faith. Why did he choose this path? How did medicine enter into his spirituality? Does he see any others destined for the same calling?

All this and more is discussed at www.ALifeOfGiving.com, the new program’s official website. After many months of great anticipation, Rev. Richard Klingeisen and his production team are finally ready to unveil the first installment of his long term online radio program. This serial podumentary is being rolled out with an initial run of four 20-30 minute episodes, each thematically linked, but different altogether. The series title, "A Life of Giving", was selected because it perfectly captures the spirit and purpose of Rev. Klingeisen’s purpose; to give and teach. The format of the show (podumentary) is particularly appealing to audiences because it allows for the familiarity of radio while introducing a series of usually calming, relevant images to reinforce the subject matter being discussed. “A Life of Giving” is a new kind of radio program whose goal is to help and enlighten listeners regarding a number of topics, including generosity and a life of active giving, but also to tell a story — and an inspirational one, at that. 
In late 2018, Rev. Klingeisen tested the online broadcasting waters with a standalone, single episode, not really knowing how it would be received. He was delighted to find that it was widely disseminated throughout the mainstream news media through a previous news release, and was well-received all around. Based on the reception and strength of this “accidental” pilot episode, the quarterly series was born and the rest is, as they say, history. 
Episode One: Looking Back to Look Ahead has raised the bar quite high with its sensitive, compelling look back at Rev. Klingeisen’s early years, charting how he became the man he is today. Those who tune in will learn about his childhood experiences, his schooling, the interesting twists and turns taken on his career path, and so much more. “A Life of Giving” reveals motivational messages on how faith is essential in life; a message applicable to all types of people everywhere. The web-driven podumentary format is a powerful platform and medium for Rev. Klingeisen to communicate relevant issues to the community, and to reach a much larger audience than ever before.  
So as we enter the weekend of our National Vocation Awareness Week please share this video with any loved ones you feel might need career guidance, suggestion, instruction, or simply inspiration. Rest assured they’ll thank you for it.

For more information about Rev. Richard Klingeisen's new podcast series, please visit: www.richardklingeisen.com/media.  

For more information about National Vocation Awareness Week please visit www.nrvc.net

A Life of Giving - Episode One

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