Episode Two Has Arrived!

The highly anticipated second episode of A Life of Giving has finally arrived, and you're in just the right place to view it!  But, don't forget:  For the full experience head over to the official show website for additional content coming soon--and an easy to operate menu where you can view all past material to date.  Enjoy the show... and help make a difference.

For a Good Cause

On December 13, 2019, a powerful, two-page promotion aired on the iconic Nasdaq MarketSite tower in perhaps the most visited spot in Times Square; therefore New York; therefore the world. Serving as a comprehensive overview of Rev. Klingeisen's favorite charities (the subject of his new show's second episode) and a media advertisement, it was all done for one very good cause: Charity. It is Rev. Klingeisen's hope that all those who see this in person and in pictures will be encouraged to give.

The Times Square Appearance

On July 15, 2019, Rev. Richard Klingeisen's likeness appeared once again in Times Square for another round of high end advertising -- this time to promote his new podcast documentary series, A Life of Giving.  Rather than scheduling appearances on both the Nasdaq tower and the Thomson Reuters display, Rev. Klingeisen and his trusty marketing team put all of their efforts into only the Reuters with a much more comprehensive promotion. Enjoy a video montage and photo series below.

New Look, Same Quality Programming


The image above is the official logo and look of Rev. Klingeisen's new podcast documentary series, A Life of Giving.  This graphic will surely become ubiquitous over time; wherever you see A Life of Giving, you'll see this iconic, instantly recognizable -- and truly unforgettable -- imagery.


"A Life of Giving" to Debut Soon

A New Kind of Radio Program

Beginning in 2019, Rev. Richard Klingeisen will be taking part in a brand new podcast series called, "A Life of Giving: Conversations with Rev. Richard Klingeisen." It is a concept born from his extremely successful, first foray into online radio. What began as a charity themed holiday season program at the end of 2018 has now become a full fledged production. By utilizing the online radio format, Rev. Klingeisen will be able to provide a much more widespread, immediate way to communicate relevant issues of the day, as well as timeless ones. One common thread amongst all of the upcoming shows is that they will deal with faith, and its importance in all of our lives.

"A Life of Giving" is a quarterly program which will run throughout 2019. It will be promoted through the mainstream media, as well as right here on Rev. Klingeisen's official website.  Stay tuned!

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The Flagship Episode

Media Appearances


Times Square, New York City

On Friday, December 28, 2018, Rev. Richard Klingeisen and his favorite charities enjoyed larger-than-life exposure, appearing on the  public on the Nasdaq MarketSite, also known as the "Nasdaq Tower" (see above). This is an area of particularly high pedestrian traffic and overall visibility, especially just days before New Years Eve, which is considered the pinnacle of such location advertising in New York City.  Anyone who's ever watched the "ball drop" on TV can attest to this!

More importantly, this advertisement was timed to occur shortly after Christmas to encourage donations and generosity at the most special time of year.  Rev. Klingeisen successfully spread the word about these wonderful causes in a typically selfless show of giving and goodness -- and service to the people and the Lord alike.

Rev. Klingeisen's iconic advertisement appeared in an 11-billboard iteration as well, in an equally important appearance on the monumental Thomson Reuters building (see below). His advertisements appeared for two full minutes at each location.  It was, in every possible way, a beautiful, moving, inspirational display whose promotional effects will continue to be felt.


Thomson Reuters appearance. December 28, 2018.